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Solved: IP address - Roku Community Solved: Ok my son has no remote to his stick, so he uses my phone app, but our modern had to be switched out recently, now the app can't find his stick when scanned. I can manually type in his ip address, but cant get to it to read it. So my IP address is wrong - Roku Community Nov 12, 2019 Contact | Roku

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Roku Roku devices advertise their external control services using the multicast SSDP so that programs can discover the IP address of Roku devices in the area. There is a standard SSDP multicast address and port ( used for local area network communication. The Roku device responds to M-SEARCH queries on this IP address and port. My Roku devise is not recognizing my IP address or WiFi.

Jun 11, 2018 · When I refresh a feed, these are the two IPs that immediately hit: Both are AWS IPs, coincidentally, so could easily change in the near future.

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