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The very, very similar (Cisco doesn't like to compare the two product lines) Linksys E1000 lists for $20 less than the M10 Valet. And although the E-series products don't come with the USB key, they all do include the same Cisco Connect software on the install CD. how and where to download the firmware fora cisco m10 Aug 21, 2010 Cisco Valet M10 Setup Software - Pages 1 - 4 Cisco valet m10 wireless hotspotreviewed - smallnetbuilder summary: single-band n router with 10/100switch and goof-proof setup. pros Download cisco valet m10 wirelessrouter firmware update 2.0.03 (build 4) drivers and software.Now Linksys E-Series, X-Series and Valetrouter users can have their the renamed appno longer crashes when opening and Linksys routers - Wikipedia

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To ensure optimum performance for your Valet (M10), Valet Plus (M20), and Valet Connector (AM10), it is best to upgrade to the latest firmware and driver. This article will guide you on how to download the latest firmware and driver for your Valet devices to be ready for upgrade. Step 1: Launch a web browser and go to the Linksys Support Site. Linksys Official Support - Valet

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